Secondary School (Years 7-9)


Middle Years of Schooling – the challenges of adolescence.

In the lower secondary classes are arranged in a horizontal (year level) structure, with Form teachers taking responsibility for the care of students in their class groups. Form teachers play a critical role in assisting with the smooth transition of students into the early secondary years and have substantial contact with their students in their daily teaching, getting to know each individual very well.

Form teachers are the first ‘port of call’ for students or their parents if they have any concerns. If an issue arises that may require extra assistance, the Assistant Head of Secondary – Pastoral and the Head of Secondary are also available to help. In addition, MBBC offers the services of our resident Chaplain and we maintain relationships with suitably qualified professionals, such as educational psychologists, occupational and speech therapists, to whom a family can be referred.

Form Time

All students in Years 7 – 9 have both formal and informal student care sessions with their Form teacher. Discussions and activities may be based on themes such as respect, study habits, organisation, resolving conflict, strengthening support networks, dealing with stress, making decisions and developing friendships. Developing positive self esteem and emotional resilience are important features of the program.

House System

Boys are assigned to one of four Houses for sporting, cultural and other activities. House-based programs provide additional ways for students to build relationships with other students across the College. Just as the Eagle (the school’s emblem) flies with its young under its wing, so the older boys of the College are expected to care for their younger peers.

Middle School Time

Middle School time is an integral component of the pastoral care program.  Boys are organised in House groups or in mixed groups to develop relationships with students across Years 7 – 9. Working through activities relating to personal development, the IB Learner Profile attributes and community service related projects this is an invaluable opportunity for our students to practice important skills in teamwork, problem solving and communication.

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