28 February 2018

Can you believe the term is almost halfway through? We can’t! The boys have been hard at work building, designing and playing. Their love for cricket can be seen with children of all ages participating in a giant game outside almost every afternoon! The older boys have shown great mentoring skills as they guide and support the younger players. Inside the boys continue to create bigger and better Beyblade stadiums and spinners out of Lego – we have had to source a bigger Lego table just to fit all the children in!

We are requesting recycled materials! Our children love to design incredible creations out of lots of different boxes, plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Please feel free to drop any recycled materials off at our room – we would greatly appreciate it!

With the increasing amount of fantastic extra-curricular activities your children are attending, we ask that you please alert staff to any new activities and ensure the necessary OSHClub form has been filled out and returned. We ask that a form is filled out and returned for each activity your child is participating in when also attending OSHClub before or after. This form can be emailed through to you or picked up from the OSHClub room at C7.

A friendly reminder that bookings are necessary to ensure educator to child ratios are met so please book through the online system if possible. We would hate for anyone to miss out due to us not having space! All account information and the booking system can be found online at www.oshclub.com.au. Emergency bookings can be made on the day by calling or sending a text through to the service. If you have any questions please feel free to call the service on 0401 744 066.

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