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29 July 2015

OSH_290715Week One and Two

This term is flying by and our boys have been filling our new space up with beautiful new creations and amazing constructions! Our investigation of the human body has been interesting so far with the boys starting off by looking at the bones!

We created our very own x-rays which we have hung up next to some actual x-rays we were lucky enough to receive from a Mum earlier this year.

We have also looked at skeletons and realised how many ways we can create one with different collage materials. The boys are going to soon be investigating the muscles, organs and all the other different parts that we have which will be super fun. We finally got some more balls after losing them to the construction next door (we think the new building is probably 3/4 handballs) so we have been able to play all of our old favourite games!


Bookings are essential so please book your children in as we are then able to ensure we have the correct staffing arrangements made for before school care and after school care. Bookings close midnight the night before. However, if you have emergency care please call us on 0401 744 066 or email us at oshc@mbbc.qld.edu.au. If your child is attending after school sport or activities please fill out a ‘return and release form’ asap.


We have been making crazy things at OSHclub lately, we were given recycled boxes from a Dad and old magazines from the library and we have loved creating new and fun things out of them! So if any families have any old boxes, jars or any old thing we can use for collage please bring them in so we can deconstruct them and use our imagination to create new things!

Kind Regards,


Maddie Coulthard
OSHClub Area Coordinator for Queensland
P: 07 3906 9428 | M: 0401 744 066 | E: oshc@mbbc.qld.edu.au
Bianca Donnelly
OSHClub Area Coordinator for Queensland


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