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13 August 2015

Wow! What a fortnight. The boys have been doing lots of fun activities that not only incorporate our investigation of the human body but also different environments and all the animals that live in them. We have been looking at the muscles and the brain, which have allowed us to make lots and lots of craft! We have made brain hats, play dough muscles and brains, brain puzzles, moving muscle arms and we also transformed into the very muscular hulks with paper and lots of tape! The boys found a bee which had lost its stinger and was not looking very well so they ran inside, got it some honey and made it comfortable. It was a very lovely thing to see and since then we have been investigating what is happening with the bees and how we can help them! We have also turned our room into a beautiful forest with so many different animals and trees which show all our family members and the people that help us grow!

Welcome Hermit Crabs
We have welcomed two new hermit crabs into our room – King Freddie (Fred Flintstone shell) and Superman (Superman shell)! We love them very much and really enjoy making new environments and race tracks for them to play in. We must remember to keep our hands out of the tank and be very careful with them as they are very small compared to us! Even our smallest prep is HUGE compared to them!
Bookings and After School Sport
We are still having quite a lot of casual bookings so we would just like to say again that bookings are essential so please book your children in as we are then able to ensure we have the correct staffing arrangements made for before school care and after school care. Bookings close midnight the night before. However, if you have emergency care please call us on 0401 744 066 or email us at oshc@mbbc.qld.edu.au. There are also quite a few children attending after school sport but are booked into OSHClub so if all parents could fill out a ‘return and release form’ that would be fantastic. That is so we are able to know where your son is and when we should expect them back. Also, if your child is being picked up from the sport and is no longer coming to OSHClub it would be fantastic if you could send us a message so we know where they are.
Dress up time!
Our boys are love to dress up and take on new personas every day! We currently have a resident police officer who protects our ‘shop’ from being robbed, a pharaoh, a disco diva and lots of cowboys. These dress ups allow the boys to become whoever they want to be and to use their imagination and drama skills to create new scenarios. If you have any old hats, scarves or costumes you no longer need we would love to have them!
Thank you for all the collage materials! We love all the boxes and odd bits we are receiving. However, unfortunately due to some children with asthma we are unable to accept any polystyrene.
Maddie Coulthard
(Acting Coordinator)


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