22 November 2017

Another term and another year almost to an end! Wow! We cannot believe how quick the year has gone. We have been super busy at OSHClub with lots of amazing craft, games and new resources. We have continued with our love of Lego with the boys designed incredible creations – board games have also been a popular activity where the boys challenge each other and come up with strategies to be successful.

The boys have been obsessed with making sleds out of recycled cardboard and sliding down the hill. They work in teams to come up with the best designs that slide down the hill the quickest. Paper planes and paper origami have also been a popular activity with the boys helping each other make them and test how they fly outside.

Bookings will be open soon for our upcoming Holiday Program with more details to follow. Any queries please contact 1300 395 735.  Children who will be joining the school in 2018 are welcome to join us at OSHClub from January 8 for the Holiday Program – we already have 4-5 children coming along! It would be a great way for new preps to meet different children and get to know the school before commencing Term One. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 0401744066.

Maddie and Daley

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