OSHClub Update

28 March 2018

What a wonderful term this has been and can you believe it has gone so fast. Boys from Prep-Year 7 have joined us here at OSH and we have seen some beautiful creations, crazy constructions and plenty of sporting activities. We have seen our lovely preps grow and learn so quickly in front of us. If we had to choose one activity in particular we thought was the favourite it would definitely have to be cricket. Boys of all ages engaged in this activity with games going for hours and hours with no end in sight!

We are closed for Good Friday 31st March and Easter Monday 2nd April. Our holiday program starts on Tuesday 3rd of April and we are super excited about all the activities we have planned – we are heading off to Belmont State School to compete against other Vacation Care groups in a large Carnival Day. We are also creating some Emoji pillows and participating in a drumming workshop! The boys have requested one last water play day before the cold sets in so we plan on getting soaked – so if your child is attending that day make sure they bring a towel and some extra clothes. Our program is open to boys and girls with children from other schools even joining us!

Just a friendly reminder that bookings are necessary to ensure educator to child ratios are met so please book through the online system if possible. We would hate for anyone to miss out due to us not having space! All account information and the booking system can be found online at www.oshclub.com.au. Emergency bookings can be made on the day by calling or sending a text through to the service. If you have any questions please feel free to call the service on 0401 744 066.

We are requesting recycled materials! Our children love to design incredible creations out of lots of different boxes, plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Please feel free to drop any recycled materials to our room – we would greatly appreciate it!

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