Reception at MBBC and Student Reception

25 January 2017


MAIN RECEPTION- Miss Suzy Hasenkam Phone: 3906 9444   

  • All general enquiries including OSHClub, school banking and P&F
  • Signing in at the front desk to visit a classroom
  • Changing your contact details
  • Tuckshop roster if you are a volunteer
  • All co-curricular enquiries including science club, drama, speech and communication
  • All sport enquiries
  • Enrolments
  • Staff enquiries
  • Wet weather line: 3906 9450
  • Complaints


STUDENT RECEPTION – Student Reception – Mrs Paula Jowitt Phone: 3906 9443

  • Absentees  – please use the Absentee line in the first instance 3906 9494
  • Late arrivals or early departures, please sign in and out at Student reception
  • The delivery of messages to your son during the day, if you need to change pick up times
  • Collecting your son from sick bay
  • Enquiries relating to all Music co-curricular activities and camps
  • Purchasing a new diary
  • Lost property
  • The collection of forms for sports, co-curricular activities, camps and excursions
  • The submission of Assignments for Years 10/11/12
  • Absentee line: 3906 9494
  • Uniform Shop: 3249 9362


Other important numbers are also on the MBBC app as a direct dial



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