Secondary School (Years 10 -12)



Throughout the senior years, homeroom classes are arranged in a vertical structure, with House teachers taking responsibility for the care of students in their House groups.  House teachers are the first ‘port of call’ for students or their parents if they have any concerns. If an issue arises that may require extra assistance, the Assistant Head of Secondary – Pastoral and the Head of Secondary are also available to help. In addition, MBBC offers the services of our Chaplain and we maintain relationships with suitably qualified professionals, such as educational psychologists, occupational and speech therapists, to whom a family can be referred.

Senior Form Class

Students in Senior School are placed in a vertical form class.  This is a mix of Years 10, 11 and 12 boys from the same House.  This group meets on a regular basis during the week, under the guidance of their House teacher.  All students in the Senior School have both formal and informal student care sessions with their House teacher.

Where possible, the House teacher will oversee the personal, social and academic development of the boys for their three years of senior school, building a strong personal relationship with the student and his family.  Likewise, the span of Year 10, 11 and 12 students in a House group will support valuable opportunities for mentorship and support amongst students.

Year level specific programs in the Senior School

Duke of Edinburgh program

All Year 10 students are encouraged to undertake the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.  The Award is about individual choices.  Every boy is different, so too are their challenges.  The Bronze Award is about setting goals and improving yourself, with guidance from MBBC staff.  This is an opportunity to pursue interests, develop abilities and follow ambitions.  Many of our students choose to carry on this challenge and are supported in their pursuit of the Silver and Gold Awards.

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program

Together with Year 11 students from Moreton Bay College, our Year 11 boys undertake a series of workshops, guest presentations and a full day of driver training during the year to support their development in issues relating to road safety and protective behaviours for young drivers.

Career Mentors

A program is currently under development for our Year 12 students where the boys identify a number of professions that they may be interested in pursuing and the College undertakes to assign a professional mentor from those.  The mentor and the student will be formally introduced and meet on a number of occasions to discuss real-life scenarios relating to that profession.  Informal opportunities will be supported for the boy to communicate with his mentor throughout the year, offering opportunities to develop skills in communication as well as gain insight into the world outside of high school.

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