Term 1 at OSHClub

22 February 2017

The start of a new year and Term 1 at OSHCLub and we welcome all our new boys!  In particular, all the Preps who have transitioned really well and are having lots of fun! We are being very creative making things with different craft materials and imaginative play is also very popular. We are also playing our usual games of soccer and visits to the playground in the afternoons. We are providing the opportunity for students to do their own work during homework half hour and encourage the students to make use of this time. 

The April Holiday Program online bookings are now open.

The April program will be running from  April 3 – April 13, 2017.  (closed on 14th April &  17th April due to Easter Holidays)

Important Notice – it is very crucial that if your child is booked into OSHClub and you decide to pick them up instead, we need to know. If you can let us know by phone call or text message that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 



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